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Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is client service.  Our approach is strictly driven by the specifics of the particular case or transaction.  Some matters require taking aggressive and unrelenting steps.  Others require experienced finesse to facilitate appropriate and timely resolution that is beneficial and satisfactory to our client. 

To achieve our ultimate goal of client satisfaction, we continually work to improve our legal services and stay abreast of developments in the law and in law office technology.  Our office employs a state-of-the-art computer network system; the two most widely used word processing office suites; and the most current law office management and billing programs.  We also have access to the latest “on-line” and computerized legal research software, as well as electronic court docketing access.  And we are “fully-accessible” to our clients through leading edge (voice, data, mobile-mail, etc.) technology from nearly anywhere in the world.

All of our staff, including our paraprofessionals, participate in various training opportunities and continuing legal education courses.  We conduct staff meetings and strategy sessions to ensure proper attention to client files.  All of this is done to better serve our clients and to provide them with the best possible combination of legal skills.

We are committed to being responsive to our clients’ needs, paying attention to detail and bringing all of our resources to bear, while providing our clients with affordable legal services and minimizing costs to the extent possible.  Most importantly, we take great pride in our work product and work ethic, and we approach our representation of clients with great respect.