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About Our Firm

At Ward & Ward we provide a high-caliber work product in a cost-effective manner that recognizes the essence of our service is solving problems and creating value.  We achieve these ends through an interaction of high level communication, innovative litigation strategies, and pragmatic business and legal advice.

Litigation Strategy

Efficient resolution of complex litigation requires early and effective action. The essence of cost efficient litigation management is derived from the exertion of pro-active control and guidance of the investigation, defense, evaluation, and adjustment of the claim.  Ward & Ward delivers litigation plans that drive results. Our knowledge and expertise in litigation planning and analysis, and substantive trial experience has yielded an impressive record of success for the firm and its clients.

Advice and Counsel

Our business clients look to us to assist them in meeting their business needs and objectives, managing the business risks inherent in the legal terrain and offering practical solutions to complex business problems.  We deliver substantive analyses of our clients’ matters that offer better solutions. We have the analytical capabilities and industry experience to translate your strategy (business, litigation, or transaction) into an actionable plan. And we have the tools, methodologies and skills that lead to successful results.


We view our legal representation as a business expense that must be managed efficiently while solving our client’s problems.  Responsiveness and accessibility are key aspects of effective client service upon which we place great emphasis.  We regularly advise clients on the progress of matters, and respond quickly and decisively to client inquiries.  All of our services are provided with our client as the integral partner in achieving resolution.